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Our Services & Capabilities


Fixing your transmission can save you a lot of money in the long run. While expensive initially, it helps your car run smoothly. If your car feels "off" the moment you hit the gas pedal, it might be worth getting a transmission diagnosis. Here at Gear Head Automotive & Transmissions, we can check your transmission and fix it for a safe ride anywhere.

Engine Repair

You shouldn't have to put up with a poorly functioning engine. Whether your car is making knocking noises, producing exhaust smoke, or underperforming, it's time for an engine repair. Like transmission repairs, engine repairs are costly at the moment but can keep your expenses down in the future.


Brakes keep us safe. When they have issues, stopping your car at a light or stop sign can be difficult. In the worst of cases, malfunctioning brakes and brake pads can cause your car to keep going when it shouldn't, leading to a serious collision. Gear Head Automotive & Transmissions is here to keep your brakes fixed and running year-round. Safety always comes first!

Heating & Cooling

Keep your passengers comfortable all year with the help of our heating and cooling services. Bring us your vehicle today to improve the air quality inside your vehicle.


After time and driving over potholes, our cars can lose their alignment. Poor alignment makes a drive less smooth and can hurt your vehicle over the long haul. If your alignment is messed up, Gear Head Automotive & Transmissions can help.

Auto Repairs

We can provide several complete auto repair services at a price you can afford. Call (480) 899-3567 to let us know what your needs are.

New Motors

Our new Chevy motors services come with a 3-year 100,000-mile warranty. So if you're looking for a solution that comes with a performance cam and tuners, contact us today.

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